Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Making lifelong friends and running sacred.

So this week was pretty dang amazing! I am almost an official visa holder for the country of Peru! I went to some sketchy places to try and finish all the paperwork I needed to finish! The first place we went was in the middle of the city of Lima. When we were about to leave tons of alarms went off and we were all told to run! I don’t remember ever being that scared!!! So my group and I took off down the street where we met up with some other missionaries who are fluent. They could tell we were all very scared.  Then one of them grabbed me and said, “it was just an earthquake drill!!” Here they do a country wide drill every 6 months.   Anyway, I was paired up with a Latino companion and we visited a bunch of less active members or menos activos. While we were looking for a house I heard somebody yelling "Gringo!!!" I turned around and this guy was in my face yelling and screaming! I was in so much shock! Then the man reached in his pocket and pulled out ….a camera put his arm around me and then he told me to smile! After he took the picture he continued to swear and yell at me. By then my 4ft 11in Peruvian companion pushed the guy away and we took off! The man was so drunk!

That’s another thing about Peru. It is one of the most depressing places to live. The traffic is terrible, people are constantly drinking, and everybody is super poor. Google Belem Lima, or Sao Paulo Street Lima. That is where I was tracking. There is trash and dog poop everywhere, and everyone looks sad. But there is a flip side to all this. I know that these people are ready to hear the message I have for them. People see us and literally come up and ask us. We don’t have to instigate anything. Also in some areas in Lima there are 100% members in that area. The people are really nice.  I like it here so far, even though I feel like I’m in prison. Like dad would say 3 hots and a cot! Actually one elder here was in the military and he said this was much harder. And I believe him. I was moved to the advanced group this week because my Spanish has been progressing so much. I was excited at first, but it is really hard.  Going on a mission is not easy, I have only been out two weeks and I have wanted to go home. It’s tough knowing I am 3000 + miles away from home. But it is worth every second. I have grown so close to some of the Elders here, but most importantly God. I am so blessed for the opportunity to be out here, It will not be easy but it will be worth it! I love you guys so much!!! There is not a second that goes by that I don’t think about you all back at home!


Elder Mohlman

 Elder Cabballero will be serving in Lima south with Issac. He was my companion when the drunk guy attacked me.. He is on a stool lol!

 This is the guy I work out with lol! He is an avid fisherman and body builder. His suits look pretty funny because he has to get extra large sleeves, so it fits his body good, but the sleeves are huge!

 Here is me with some of my favorite latinos that left for their missions today :(

Here is my distict at the temple today with one of our miastras. Her name is Harmana Rivera. 
 She lives here in Lima

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