Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Goodbye Peru!! Hello Mt. Hood!

For those of you that don't know... I injured my MCL while playing soccer in Peru.  So I was sent home and have a temporary medical release to get it better!!!  I've seen an orthopedic surgeon and he wants to see me in two weeks after some physical therapy to determine the best way to heal... with surgery being a possibility.  Thank you to everyone that sent letters and emails.  Also thank you for those who kept me in their prayers.  I don't know why things happen... but I do know that God has a plan for each of us.  He is in charge and I trust Him .  Going back is the plan right now!  I will be updating everyone on my journey to get back on my mission.  

Pictures speak 1000 words!

My mission in Arequipa!

1st View of Pichu Pichu, still on the airplane!

My MTC group at the temple site in Arequipa, we are at 9200 feet above sea level!  


Plaza De Armas!

Beautiful fountain downtown Arequipa!

Birds with Elder Pancheri!

More Plaza!

Beautiful park!

This Pinneapple is huge and it only cost .33 Cents!

My room (cuarto)

The view from my room!

Sunset on the soccer field!

The great active volcano, MISTY!

Looking at Misty from a distance!! 

SWAT, (my companion yelled at me for taking this picture)

Mom, I promise to keep my bathroom clean!

Yes there is Pizza here!

On the streets, downtown Arequipa!

More of the white city!

My District leader Elder Fuentes!

The other district leader in my zone!

The craziest Elders from my zone!

Why don't we have churches like these!  Wow!

My companion!

National Peru Day!

And we danced!!!

I found this pic on my camera after my 1st baptism, who took this?

Party at Elder Rossano's house!

Tommy didn't want a picture with me!

Fantastic 4!

Boy that mission president looks young!  Sorry President Zobrist!

I'll try on his name tag too!

President.... I like that title!

Last day with my companion!

Feliz CumpleaƱos

Three Parties for my Birthday!!

1.  With my Zone
2.  With my Ward "family"
3.  With my Stake President

Mama Jenny and my companion at our house!
Thumbs up!! Why do they keep telling to do this?

Papa Luis and Mama Jenny and some random girl from the ward!

Chevre Torta!

La Zona (Falta Elder Rosano)

Fiesta con el Barrio(My companion is holding my birthday present, a cast.....)

Roberto is tired from all the festivities!

Bringing the World It's Truth!

This is my first contact in Arequipa.  His name is Miguel.  He is 17 years old and his mother Elizabeth has been an inactive member of the church for over 20 years.  The night before this day Miguel wasn't going to get Baptized, but for some reason he decided to.  We scheduled his baptism at 2:00pm, but we later found out his mom wouldn't be able to attend.  So we decided to have his service at 8:00pm, but then he remembered he had work at 7:00pm.  We called his mom who was at work, and she said she could be there at 6:30pm.  So we started the baptism service at 6:00pm and planned on putting him in the water at exactly 6:30pm.  Forces were working against us.  Because we had to change the time, our ward mission leader couldn't make it.  So we had a baptism with just missionaries and the Bishop.  Earlier this week, I got an injury playing soccer.  I was in a cast from my ankle to my hip, it was so poorly made I pulled it right off before stepping into the water. We had the water as cold as we could so it would numb my knee.  After the baptism ceremony, we went to the bathroom to get changed and Miguel had the biggest smile on his face.  He kept looking in the mirror happily.  I felt kind of bad because no ward members had showed up. But after the baptism, ward members showed up to support him.  It was pretty cool to see the progression from contact to investigator to ultimately a convert. Even though his mom was a member we still had to teach her and him every lesson. I remember the restoration lesson in particular. I was telling them about the first vision and told them that Heavenly Father had told Joseph Smith that none of the churches on the earth were true. Right as I said that I watched Elizabeth's eyes get really wide, then I quickly told her that Heavenly father told Joseph to reorganize the church. And her eyes went back to normal and her mouth closed. I really enjoyed teaching this family. They were very humble and very loving.