Tuesday, June 10, 2014

An Earthquake in the Shower!

So this week was kind of disappointing... First off we lost a ton of really good elders because it was time for them to go out and preach. It’s super sad to lose the good ones.  I also lost my original companion due to sickness, he had to be sent home. So now I am in a trio with Elder Jenkins, and Elder Devenberg. Elder Jenkins is from California and he has an Olympic trial set up for when he gets home. It is for swimming. Elder Devenberg played soccer for a college in Utah called Westminster. I like them both! 

 So on last Monday I had just finished exercising outside and I went inside with my companions. They both hopped in the shower right away and I sat down and read some scriptures for a bit. When I was done I grabbed my stuff and hopped in the shower. So both my companions were out of the shower when I got in.  I was minding my own business when all of a sudden I hear this really loud noise like 10 airplanes flying over our compound. I thought it was strange, so I stopped the shower to listen some more. Then out of nowhere the whole building shook! The next thing I hear is my companion yelling at me to get out. So I freaked out! I was putting on my clothes as I was running out of the bathroom! I ran outside and my clothes were soaked. It was pretty funny! Turns out it was a 5.4 earthquake about 37km from the MTC.  It was pretty cool! I guess they happen a lot down here.

So Parker got bit by a dog huh? That’s no good, tell him I love him! There are more dogs down here than I have ever seen, and none have snarled at me or even got close to wanting to hurt me. I saw 2 schnauzers running with a chow just the other day. It’s weird to see some of the dogs better off than some of the people. I got sick this week. The first thing they do here is take you strait to a hospital, which by the way is no better than a free clinic back home. The doctor was a super cool guy that made the hospital seem a little more trustworthy. They ran some tests and found out it was only a cold. But one of the tests was really weird. The doctor asked me which side of my nose I could breathe better out of. Then he proceeded to take a 9 inch cotton swab all the way to the back of my throat! I took one of my companions with me and he just laughed!

I don’t remember if I told you this, but where the MTC is in a place called La Molina. You could Google it and see what a nice place it really is.   Here is a picture of me outside the MTC and the flags!

More MTC buddies!

Today I went to a store called Totus, so if a transaction comes up on my account don’t fret! I can’t tell you how much I miss you guys at home. There is nothing I want more than to go home and see you guys, but there is also nothing I want more than to share the love of Christ. This mission is really really really hard, but I wouldn't trade the experiences I have made while here for anything in the world. I actually gave my roommate a blessing the other night, and it left us all teary-eyed. We are all so close and we consider each other family. I haven’t got any of the letters yet, so they must take a while. I wouldn't send any more here. I have been reading the scriptures a ton, I have something like 120 verses marked with tabs! I have also read all the way to Mosiah. My goal is to finish by the time I leave. I love every one of you back home. Every time I’m on a computer I check the weather in Woodland! I hope all is well!

Until next week!

-Elder Mohlman

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