Sunday, July 20, 2014

Having a hard time!

(I have debated if I should post Spencer's last few emails, because he is struggling a lot.  I've decided I can not paint a romanticized picture of being a Missionary.  It's hard and difficult and they will want to come home.  It is through the struggling and hardships that we truly become to know God and His purpose and plan for us.  So here is the email from July 7th. )

Hello!! This week was absolutely draining. I have wanted to hop on a plane home everyday. Its been really hard moving in with somebody that doesn't speak English. We live in a little one bedroom apartment above somebody's house. It's kinda crazy to think I will be living in this room for the next 3 months!!! Its going to be tough!  Well anyway, I will answer some of your questions. 

First off,  we don't have to cook or do laundry! Haha!  There is a lady called a Pensionista that does it all. We call her Mama Jenny. 

So as far as church service goes it was kinda depressing. I couldn't understand a single word they said in Sacrament meeting! But other than that it was pretty good. It's different, but the same. They sing the same hymns and have the same classes, but they have different mannerisms. Like if a baby is crying they don't take it out. they just let it cry. All the little kids run wild. People get up and leave all the time. I didn't realize how nice it is back at our ward!! 

So food. I have eaten some pretty disgusting things. Chickens feet, intestines mixed in rice, and eggs that have been sitting out for days. Here they take food really seriously. If you don't eat something -its disrespectful. It's really hard, you just have to think of something else. Also I only eat one meal a day, lunch. They literally serve a mountain of rice, with chicken. Its absolutely crazy!

 In terms of people I have talked to... Well in the first week I have 6 baptisms in the next month. Its pretty crazy how many people want to hear the gospel down here. My companion is Elder Chavez. He is from Trujio Peru. He is a really good guy, he is just really hard to understand. That is another reason why its so hard to stay here. I have a really hard time communicating with the person I am with 24/7. This is easily the hardest thing I have ever done. I struggle everyday to keep a positive attitude. I struggle everyday, deciding weather or not I should stay out. I read the letters that you sent as well as the letters others sent me everyday. They really help! I really do like it out here, but it is really really hard. It's hard to see I'm out here for a purpose, but when I do see it- it becomes easier.

On a better note!  There are tones of dogs here so the fact that you guys just got a puppy isn't as depressing. I have found 3 puppies this week! They are all so cute! Also the food down here is super cheap. Paltas or avocados are 50 centimos for a kg! We eat a lot of avocados. Then Pina or pinapple is 50 centimos for one, they are huge and really rico or tasty! On the bus today the radio was playing 80s rock it was pretty awesome! There are a lot of things I miss from home. Grass yards, fields, stoplights, houses, sidewalks, family home evening, and of course my family. Sometimes I wonder how people do this. Its is really a testimony shaker. I guess you just have to push through it. I love you guys so much and miss you all like crazy! Tell Vince he needs to email me! I hope you guys are doing well Love you all so much!!!!!

Love, Elder Mohlman

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