Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another hard week for our family!

(This last post we had to tell Spencer about the death of our dog Cricket!  Cricket was our family dog for about 4 years, he was a tiny little schnauzer.  He was taking a walk with our new Puppy Molly to the mailbox with Tanner, Cooper, and Parker.   The dogs were attacked by a Pitbull and to save the life of his Sister, Molly- Cricket jumped down and became the bait for the Pitbull and it was over.  All three kids had to witness their dog dying.  It was pretty traumatic and sad.  I don't know if we should withhold sad information from our missionaries while they are out.  But this news, caused a huge ripple in Spencer's positive attitude, which is understandable)

Holy crap! I am sobbing. I literally can't stop crying. I was such a jerk to that dog. I miss him so much.I never thought I would take it so hard. I'm sorry that Tanner and Parker had to see that. I wish I was there to hug all of you. This is getting to be unbearably hard. My companion is really rude, and I don't get along with him. My best friend is having trouble, my family is suffering. This is really, really hard. I have a new respect for missionaries. I want you guys at home to make it a goal to befriend the missionaries. Let me tell you what I need more than anything is to have friends. It sucks. I get laughed at constantly, yelled at in Spanish, and half the time I have no clue what is going on. I just want some friends. I know one really cool missionary, but I only see him 2 times a week. So please help the missionaries, you could be the difference that keeps them out in the field. Also play games with them. Nothing means more to a missionary than when a family wants to play games. It feels like you are part of the family. I have only done it once, but it meant the world to me. I love you mom.

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