Wednesday, May 21, 2014

He made it to Lima MTC!

Hola! I made it fine!! The plane ride was super long! Lima is crazy - everything is really dirty and really loud. We hopped in a cab after landing, and he drove really fast, and really close to other cars. I already have a companion his name is Elder Hinsdale. He was called to Ukraine, but you know how it is over there! The MTC is surrounded by a huge wall with spikes on the top,  it's almost like a prison. It's really nice here, kinda like back home, but poorer, muggier, and there are a lot more palm trees! I don't feel homesick yet, but I'm sure I will soon! Another thing that's pretty interesting about this place is... advertisement is everywhere! I saw it in the grass, on the buildings, in the road, on cars, and of course billboards! I can only take pictures on Pday, so those will come soon! I love you guys!
Elder Mohlman

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